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527 Euro donation to Myanmar Kid’s Aid

Today I transferred 527 Euro to Myanmar Kid’s Aid (Myanmar Kinderhilfe), a Frankfurt based German development association. For each so-called “fan” on my Facebook page – so not only the new one’s – I donated one Euro. Due date was 31 December. And eventually 527 Euro were in the pot! I am very, very happy with the result and the “spread-the-word”-drive of many of the supporters. Thanks to all of you. I will repeat this in late 2012.

Own aid operation in Burma succesfully completed

After 10 days I am back from Burma and just the other minute I received the message that my small privat relief operation in Burma was succesful. My burmese friends drove through the delta region with a hired minivan and shared food in a village, that hasn’t been reached yet by any relief organisation. Imagine: This was more than six weeks after the hurricane devasted the delta! Read more »

Forth Burma trip plus private aid operation

I cannot stand the ongoing negative news coverage from Burma any longer. One must come to the conclusion that almost no aid goods really reach those in need in the delta! I don’t believe that! Hence I will get a picture of the situation and travel to Burma from 16 to 27 June. Another reason is to organize my own small relief operation. Therefore I sought some donations and luckily cumulated a few hundred Euros. Huge thanks to the noble donators! I will file a report of my activities here on the web site as soon as I am back in Germany.

Hurricane Nargis: Images donated to aid organizations

The Hurricane Nargis devastated the delta region of Burma in the night from the 3rd to the 4th May. The aid organisations Apotheker ohne Grenzen (Pharmacists without frontiers) and Landsaid requested some of my Burma pictures and of course I sent them a decent bunch of images to support their press relations and donations acquisition. Read more »