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TIMELESS BURMA – New image series on the occasion of my 10th Burma journey

A Chin lady from Mindat.

„No other country left a deeper impression within my soul than Burma“, says Berlin-based author, globetrotter and photographer Malte Clavin.

He roams towns, caves, grasslands, and cloisters, visited mountain people and documents festivals, weddings and cremations. For him, the greatest discovery is getting to know the people of Burma, their stories, their touching hospitality and warmth.

Since his first visit in 2004, Clavin returned to Burma ten times – sometimes alone, sometimes with his family – and discovered something new during each trip. „In Burma’s people I recognize forbearance, gentleness, kindness, mindfulness – all wonderful, very desirable characteristics. Their dignity and strength, despite poverty and oppression, is amazing. I don’t know, how they do it. I just know that I want to grow the same qualities within me. That’s why I continue to come back.“

Clavin’s photographic journey TIMELESS BURMA brings to mind the great days of film cameras, hence the analog artifacts: paper abrasion, stains, scratches, frayed edges, vignettes. The photographs could have been taken many decades ago, or just on another day. It is the celebration of something almost lost, a declaration of love for the country and its people, and their timeless values.

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Burma synopsis

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527 Euro donation to Myanmar Kid’s Aid

Today I transferred 527 Euro to Myanmar Kid’s Aid (Myanmar Kinderhilfe), a Frankfurt based German development association. For each so-called “fan” on my Facebook page – so not only the new one’s – I donated one Euro. Due date was 31 December. And eventually 527 Euro were in the pot! I am very, very happy with the result and the “spread-the-word”-drive of many of the supporters. Thanks to all of you. I will repeat this in late 2012.

New synopsis: The Vedda people – the last natives of Sri Lanka

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35 images from BURMA – LOST AND FOUND

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