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All about my photographic work: The mediakit

In this brand-new 49-page media kit I have put together everything that makes me – and and inspires me – as an author, photographer and speaker. Enjoy!

Download Mediakit

(PDF, 7 MB)

Vietnam: Expedition into the world’s largest cave

The adrenaline starts a year before I enter the cave. Namely when I sit in front of the computer at 1 am at night (because of the time difference) and wait for the much sought-after expedition slots to be unlocked in the largest cave in the world.

It starts on time, which I notice by the fact that the site is no longer accessible due to the enormous accesses. I remain patient and press the reload button in 30-second intervals. Around 5:30 sun dawns. Suddenly the screen fills with letters: The booking form! I register and submit my data no time.

After three days I receive the confirmation: I’m in! As one of ten expedition participants, who – as I learn on location in Vietnam – were selected from several thousand applicants. I have no idea what criteria the expedition company has set. I assume that I was just lucky.

My 12-page report about the expedition is now published in the current issue of TERRA. The visitors of my website may take a short cut and download the article here as PDF (sorry, only in German).

I am very happy to receive your feedback on this.

Click on the title page to download.