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South Africa: The best photos of my report about ranger education in the Kruger National Park

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Unfortunately, Facebook has made a change to their interface that broke the page-fetching feature to show photo albums from my Facebook page. The breakage is on their end, and I’m in the process of trying to figure out if there’s an alternative solution.

For the time being please see the according album of my Facebook page here:

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Photo gallery: Expedition to world’s biggest cave in Vietnam

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Sri Lanka: A photo selection from my guided photo tour

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Vietnam: Expedition into the world’s largest cave

The adrenaline starts a year before I enter the cave. Namely when I sit in front of the computer at 1 am at night (because of the time difference) and wait for the much sought-after expedition slots to be unlocked in the largest cave in the world.

It starts on time, which I notice by the fact that the site is no longer accessible due to the enormous accesses. I remain patient and press the reload button in 30-second intervals. Around 5:30 sun dawns. Suddenly the screen fills with letters: The booking form! I register and submit my data no time.

After three days I receive the confirmation: I’m in! As one of ten expedition participants, who – as I learn on location in Vietnam – were selected from several thousand applicants. I have no idea what criteria the expedition company has set. I assume that I was just lucky.

My 12-page report about the expedition is now published in the current issue of TERRA. The visitors of my website may take a short cut and download the article here as PDF (sorry, only in German).

I am very happy to receive your feedback on this.

Click on the title page to download.