Own aid operation in Burma succesfully completed

After 10 days I am back from Burma and just the other minute I received the message that my small privat relief operation in Burma was succesful. My burmese friends drove through the delta region with a hired minivan and shared food in a village, that hasn’t been reached yet by any relief organisation. Imagine: This was more than six weeks after the hurricane devasted the delta!

On the road they met delta homeless refugees and donated them rice and cookies.

I am deeply moved how much one can reach with a few hundred Euros only and a little bit of commitment.

I really would have loved to join my Burmese friends on their delta trip. But despite of tricks, contacts, and patience it was impossible for me to get a permit for the delta region. Now I am back in Berlin and I’m drowing in material: Countless UNO reports, pictures and videos from relief organisations, new people’s contacts, and at last my own photos. It’ll take weeks to evaluate everything. Anyway, first of all here are some pictures from the last 10 days:

Everywhere in Yangon there are sacks of rice. As many others also this café organizes a private relief operation.

Short before departure to the delta: Our minivan stuffed with rice, cookies, wafers, noodles.

One of countless overthrowned trees in Yangon is being sawed to pieces.

Thousands of tree "corpses" are being pushed together on the place of the National Assembly.