Reviewing GTZ relief projects in Sri Lanka with the German ambassador

Today I join German ambassador Jens Plötner and second secretary Regina von Ahn, in oder to review two projects of GTZ (Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit which works worldwide in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development). It is about the resettlement and education of female muslim civil war refugees.

I am assigned to document this.

Ambassador Jens Plötner amidst muslim women of the first project group.

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Muslim women taking part in the talk enthusiastically.

A muslim woman attending the talk.

After all they've been through they retained their humor.

One of the muslim women of the first project group.

It seems the women get along very good.

After years on the run many of the women now have a small piece of land they can cultivate. Corn and beans were offered to us.

A tamil woman of the second project group attending the talk.

A tamil woman, well advanced in years.

Two tamil women of the second project group in the sunset light.

Group photo with my 10 year old daughter Amelie before departure after the last talk of the day.