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Burma 2010 – Photo Gallery

In the hills of the Golden Triangle: A Loi woman is winnowing rice in a so‐called lon… An Akhu woman enjoying her tobacco through a self-build bamboo pipe. An aged Akha woman roasting peanuts in her bamboo hut. Akha women are very proud of h… An Akha woman’s head dress is a valuable item. It […]

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Sri Lanka – Monsoon

All of these photos were taken during 20 minutes only. On 17 May we were about to pass Moragalle, when inbelieavable heavy rains came down.

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Reviewing GTZ relief projects in Sri Lanka with the German ambassador

Today I join German ambassador Jens Plötner and second secretary Regina von Ahn, in oder to review two projects of GTZ (Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit which works worldwide in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development). It is about the resettlement and education of female muslim civil war refugees. I am assigned to document […]

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